Sound Mixer/Recordist

Audio for Video

Sound Mixer/Boom Op

I'm an experienced sound mixer/recordist for video production. The on location kit is made of the best quality equipment and is rock solid for most situations. Relationships with local rental/production houses can help with any other gear your production may need. Working mostly in the midwest region on documentary, TV show, ENG, commercial, and corporate productions, I am travel ready and have a current passport. Contact me today for day rates for your next shoot.

Gear Includes: Sound Devices 664 Mixer/Recorder, Lectrosonics Wireless, Sanken Lavs, Sennheiser Booms, ENG Breakaway Cable, Timecode, Comms. 

In the Studio

The sound of your video can come to life in the studio. Working within Oranjudio Recording, I can take your project's audio from start to finish. All studio services are affordable and will truly take your project to the next level. Contact me for rates and project details. 

 Post-Production Mixing - I meticulously go through all the audio and noise reduce, EQ, compress, balance levels, add sound effects, and whatever else is needed to provide the best "mix" possible. The final is then delivered to whatever specifications you need. 

Voice Overs - Many corporate videos and advertisements rely on a solid voice over to carry the message on screen. A well recorded voice over will let your video stand out among the rest.  

Sound Design - Create the sonic landscape of your video. Whether it's an animation or theatrical film, I'll have the tools to make all the sound in your video completely original and tailored to you. 

Custom Music - The music bed is important, but sometimes hard to find or obtain. Send your ideas and I'll build the track around your edit or give you a full track to edit yourself. 

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