Sound Mixer/Recordist

Music Recording

This is where my career started and where the passion still remains. I've done many records, big and small, but the same amount of creativity and effort go into every single one of them. The emphasis is always placed on getting the best possible sound from the best possible source. Therefore, I will always push an artist to get the best take they can and not settle for "good enough" or "we'll fix it in the mix." You can then leave the studio with confidence that your music is reaching its full potential. Contact me to discuss rates and project details. 

Studio Services

-Full production album recording



-Live "in studio" performance recording for video

Oranjudio Recording

As part owner of a full production recording studio, I'll have all the resources to get you just the sound you're hearing in your head. Oranjudio Recording is equipped with two studios. 

Studio A is our largest space. It has a 600 sqft. live room with 13 foot tall ceilings. The studio also has two large isolation booths and a dead room within the live room. Equipped with an Baldwin 9ft Concert Grand Piano and a Hammond A100 organ with a Leslie speaker. This studio is perfect for bands (especially drums!), string sections, choirs, jazz, you name it! Inquire about all the great equipment we have, there's a ton of it!

Studio B is a bit smaller, sporting a good sized booth and a control room, which is plenty to get great work done. This space is good for mixing, voiceovers, ADR, corporate audio, overdubs, and vocals.


Call or email me for great rates to record at Oranjudio. If you're a fellow engineer, inquire about the rental rate to work out of the studio. It's the best in town! 

I've had the pleasure of working with many great artists. Here's a few: Listen

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